Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tutorial: Painting "Specters" (acrylic and oil)

WIP shots for my painting "Specters" which was part of my "Tarnished" series for La Luz de Jesus Gallery in 2010.

"Specters" - sketch for a painting about albinism:


Here are process photos from the first time I transferred "Fade/Specters." The window-lightbox method worked well:

After mounting the paper to heavy museum board I sealed it with matte medium, clear gesso, and washes of acrylic: (Background trees also painted in acrylic.)

Layed in some tones and light washes of color and work on the croc:

The start of the oil-painting phase. The richness of oils is working far better in getting all the albinos to still pop despite the overall high-value/low chroma:

More work on the critters:

Birds done:

Touchups on background trees with oil:

And finished!:

JAW Cooper
33"x25" framed (24"x16" image)
oil and acrylic on mounted stonehenge

"Specters" Detail


  1. Is that a color scheme print out that you have next to the image in some of the photos?
    Also, MORE! We want more JAW "tutorials"!

    1. Yes!!! I print out a bunch of swatches for every major painting so I can match my colors right on the paper, it's super useful.

  2. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach

  3. cool art

    nice post!
    would u like to follow each other dear?


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