Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tutorial: Painting/Sketching "Minions" (graphite and gouache)

This was one of many pieces I did for the LA Weekly in 2010. More of a WIP breakdown than a tutorial but you can still see some of my process:


From thumbnail to sketch.

From drawing to graphite tones.

I worked a little differently on this one, laying in all the tones in graphite rather than ink and then washing over with gouache and building it up from there. I have to say, I love the control and detail of graphite but the tones are not as smooth as with ink (duh). I think my ideal would be a mix of both.... next time...


  1. Hey cooper,i am Dinkar from india, i have been following you for a while its been very interesting for me,i want to know how can i improve my anatomy sketches? please help.

  2. Practice and study. Figure drawing is a great thing to start with and learning how to use an action line.


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